Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another X Appeal....

This is anonymous. And I'm going to read just off the images I get, but I will put down which cards they are so you can do your own interpts if/when mine are totally off!! Let's commence with the dirty innuendos!!

1.) Physical features about you that they find attractive
Temperance and the High Priestess. Well, that half moon could be a few different body parts, I'd have to guess the booty first though. And there also is that open book, spread open, if you will. Although, that rainbow could be pointing to something as well, maybe the Pot O' Gold?

2.) Emotional/personality features about you that they find attractive
Fool and 10 Cups. I'd say that not only are you able to find joy, you are quick to share it with your partner. How cute is that? You are able to celebrate even the mundane, making it exquisite and special because the two of you are able to experience it together.

3.) What you have that they want or find sexy
6 Wands and Page Pentacles. I think the page is pointing to your playfulness which comes in a form that is stable, never dangerous or hostile. I think that 6 is either you taking the lead and/or being very good at what you do.

4.) What you need to work on to become more attractive to them
7 Cups and 9 Pents. This image is hard to see but it looks as if the woman of the 9 is almost lounging on our man of the 7. I am not quite sure what to make of this. I'd like to say that the 7 is daydreaming while the 9 is ready to be pampered.

5.) Your overall sex appeal (how attractive you are to them)
6 and 9 Swords. You are so sexy that your partner feels they have been hit by a boat! Look at how the dude in the boat is like, "huh?"

6.) Their overall sex appeal (how attractive they are to you)
Moon and 5 Swords. What attracts you to your partner is their third eye... no, wait that can't be right.... Some of these are just not as much fun as the other ones.... There is a lot of slowness in this image for me, and the purple is soothing. I feel like, no matter what happens to you during your normal daily routine, you can leave it all behind when you are with your partner. And that is attractive to you. Perhaps the way you are seen through their eyes has some affect on you.

7.) What they need to work on to become more attractive to you
Death and 8 Wands. How fun is this image? Perhaps being more open to change and being more spontaneous would make them more attractive to you. If there is all that calming from the cards before, here we see a need for a bit more fire.

8.) What they have that you want or find sexy
Hermit and Queen Cups. This would suggest that your partner is quite loving and is a beacon for you. Which is kind of what I was getting at in the Moon. This sure is some match!

9.) Emotional/personality features that you find attractive about them
Queen Pents and 4 Cups. I'm wondering if your partner is what drives you. Or if they are able to pull you up when you need it. See, I can't tell if these two images are two separate entities or two sides of your partner. Well, I'm sure you will know better than I do. Perhaps your partner is able to show you what you could have, you just need a little prodding. And that, in turn, allows you to reach your full potential.

10.) Physical features that you find attractive about them
4 Wands and 5 Cups. Those wands up there look like arms and legs and the negative space looks like a body to me. We also have that gentle curve in between the two figures. I don't know what that means though. And why is that other guy all off to the side like that? Perhaps your partner does something, like meditate or yoga, that makes them more appealing to you. I have no idea. The little guy looks like he's posing.

Anyway, hope that was fun for you at least! :D


  1. Cool reading! Now I really want a Transparent deck - badly... :P

  2. Really loved this reading, and it was seeing the Transparent being used here that made me buy one! The 7 of cups and 9 of pents looks like a honeymoon couple going over the threshold and I love your 6 and 9 of swords boat analogy - I'm still laughing at that!

  3. I'm so happy I was able to enable another Transparent purchase!!!!

    Great call on the threshold thing! I didn't even notice that!

  4. This was really cool. Fun spread and a great deck to use for it.