Friday, September 18, 2009

Outlook Spread

By Indigo Rose

So, I got a letter from Social Security saying they are re-evaluating my disability status. I'm a little scared but I don't really think they will find me not disabled. Especially since I've lost all that weight and am really thin now. But I figured I'd do a spread about it anyway.

1) Outlook for the situation, event, or project

6 Pents, 3 Pents, Queen Swords

Outlook for the situation: Well, I am asking for money and showing them why. I'm not sure what that Queen is doing there. Perhaps I've been the Queen, trying to logically show them why I am unable to work.

2) What/Who will help

7 Swords, King Wands, 4 Cups

I think I will help. I think showing them my day to day life and how I struggle will be enough. It was enough last time and I've only gotten worse.

3) What this will lead to

7 Pents, 10 Pents, 10 Cups

7 is harvest, right? So after a long wait it will all come together.

4) How you will feel about the outcome

2 Wands, 10 Wands, 8 Wands

This one is confusing, because I know I will feel relieved. Perhaps there is something else they will do? Lots of fire for how I will feel.