Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spirit Guide

So, I've recently met my spirit guide but am having trouble communicating with him so I thought I'd do this spread.

by: miss_apples

1 represents the spirit, a little info about who they are

Ace Wands, 10 Swords, World

That Ace reinforces my belief that he is male. The 10 is kind of weird as I get the feeling he was a knight of some kind. He just kind of looks like one, it's hard to describe. I'm not sure what the World is trying to tell me. Maybe that he did was alive at one time, so he could have been a knight.

2 represents why they are with you right now

King Wands, Page Pents, 4 Cups

Well, the King certainly looks like he's watching over. The Page looks to be trying to distract the 4 with that pent.

3 represents what they want you to know

5 Cups, 8 Cups, Queen Swords

It looks like, even though I feel hopeless, there is a way out. Perhaps I need to cultivate some of the Queen's traits to do that.

4 represents what actions you can take and/or how you can help them

10 Wands, 7 Pents, Queen Cups

To put down all my wands and juggle with the Queen? I'm not sure what this one means.

5 is a summary/outcome of the entire reading

Devil, Lovers, 9 Cups

Another strange combination. I can't help but notice that the Devil completely surrounds the yin/yang of the Lovers. That is telling, isn't it? To harness that perhaps. To help me with balance.

Well, nothing too straightforward. Maybe I need to make up my own spread and try again.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


It's been one of those weeks. Our group leader mentioned the Serenity Prayer last week. It's been in my head since. I'm now stuck home with a cold and not much else to do...

Spread by Embla

Position 1: Serenity - How do I find serenity in this situation?

9 wands, 4 swords, 4 pents

By persevering, resting and meditation, relaxing. I love how the 4 of pents, which is always a card to relax for me, is stepping on the other 4's head. We have been speaking in group of untwisting our thoughts and becoming conscious of our negative thoughts. So this part seems to point to that. I also like how that 9 seems centered, almost in prayer or contemplation.

Position 2: Acceptance - How do I find acceptance of the things I can´t change?

knight cups, justice, 3 swords

We also spoke of acceptance of self and being kinder to ourselves. I see that in the knight and the 3. I also think Justice is fitting. Weighing what can be changed. I see this as not beating myself up for what I cannot change. But I tend to think that everything and anything can be changed. I have a very hard time with the word acceptance. I must realize I don't have to always be a warrior.

Position 3: Courage - How do I find the courage to change the things I can?

ace pents, 7 swords, 2 pents

That 2 really looks like me when I meditate and that is a big way for me to find courage. I'm pretty courageous, if I do say so myself. Staying grounded is important to me as well, as I see in that ace. That ace, because it is a pentacle reminds me of my religion, which I should lean on more than I do. That may help as well. I think that 7 is representing my mind and how I tend to sew seeds of self-doubt. Which is funny because I joined another group, it's for self-empowerment, and it is coinciding nicely with my anxiety group. They tend to work on the same things and my daily affirmations may help to sew new seeds.

Position 4: Wisdom - How do I find the wisdom to know the difference between 2 and 3?

empress, magician, 2 swords

This image really speaks of balance for me. I need to create more balance and keep myself in this world, as opposed to my own little world that I've created. And to be more conscious of the fact that I do have the power to decide.