Thursday, January 8, 2009


So, I'm considering changing my deck to the Transparent Tarot but I feel I will be cheating on my ToD (even though he knows he's my fave!)

Anyway, the strangest thing happened just now. I pulled out my personality cards, which are: The Empress, The Hanged Man, and The World. I'm a 3. I stacked them together and got this image. I wasn't expecting much, just doing it to see what it would look like. It was the very first thing I did with the deck after wiping each card individually. So I took a look.....

And I began to CRY! Real tears and a sob or two. My entire life in a single image, so simple, so innocent. It just is, with no judgments, no embellishment. Simply truth, it is what it is.

I saw myself, as the little girl I was and the older woman I am now becoming, stuck in that cocoon. Still waiting for the day it cracks open and lets me out. But while I am stuck here, I get to see the beautiful Earth all around me. And as it is in real life, I can see it all from my window, where I sit because I am always either too sick or too scared to walk out. And even though that branch has never let me fall, I don't feel all that safe just hanging here.

How I wish.... I wish.... to be let out of my cocoon.

It is strange for me to have such a reaction to a picture. I still am not sure what it is supposed to mean. But just before I put those cards together I was thinking of pulling 3 as a heads up for tomorrow but I was too afraid.

I also put all the minor 3's together but it hasn't made me cry yet. :D It could also be that I'm delirious from being sick for the past 5 weeks and I think I'm truly losing my mind.


  1. That is a beautiful image, with a sad/perceptive reading. Hope to see you flying around soon.


  2. Hope you come out of your cocoon soon. I certainly see why you switched your PDR deck. I hope Emily sees this post.
    Good luck and many more amazing readings!