Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Charity Event...

Just a quick post that I hope some of my fellow readers in the Cleveland area will see. Or others will push them to!

I've put up a thread in the tarot meetings forum.

February 14, 2009. 10pm to 2am at the Chamber in Lakewood, which is next to Cleveland. Proceeds go to Juvenile Diabetes.

I am looking for a few readers to help me this year as I was swamped last year and am not looking forward to that again. I will be setting up at about 9pm. I am not expecting anyone to stay the entire night but even an hour would help me out immensely. Last year I lost my voice and only took one break and still had a line of people when I stopped reading at last call. Think of all the money that could have gone to those kids.

Please help me out or direct your ohio reading friends to me. I will take any kind of diviners!

The club is safe and friendly. I've been going there for more than a decade and I know everyone that works there. You will be protected at all times if you feel you need to be. I can also find big men to walk you to and from your car, the parking lot is right outside.

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  1. Oops missed spelled a couple words lol. Let me try again..

    That is awesome. Wish I could help out. Good luck finding people.