Thursday, February 5, 2009

Three Card

I've been putting this off because I'm just not feeling it lately. So let's see why that is.....

Myself - how I feel
Well, this is weird. Because I feel like I'm the dude in the boat. And I'm sailing by, with no sail, and I really want to stop and be here. With those two people with the wands and the little one with all those cups. And I'm realizing that I am all 4 people. I have the little part that is so full of love and wants to enjoy her life. But those two parts of me are always battling and for the time being, it looks as if they are in a standstill. Both ready to attack, both anticipating an attack. But for now, there is no movement. And the other me, in the boat, ready to move on. Am I waiting for any of them to join me? I'd like to leave the 2 behind and take the little 9.

Atmosphere -factors at work
Well the stability I crave, along with my full self (QP) is apparently unable to come to my aid. As is the Knight Wands. I have no idea what he's doing here though. Perhaps this is why I have no energy, no desire to do anything right now.

Ok, the energies at work. I hate the Queen of Cups. She just seems so powerless and needy. I suppose I have been overly emotional, actually both of us have been which is weird for us. Loss of something with that 5 Pents, but I can't think of anything but our budget since hubs took a pay cut at work. Oh, that could be the darn food poisoning I've been having for months now. Even the Queen, with her cup, that could be me having to take all the meds. That has definitely sucked out my energy. I think that 7 shows my determination.

Yay! Moon, Tower, Page Wands. What this says to me is that these things are temporary. The moon is all about trickery, things not being what they seem. The tower is the truth. And that page is like a little torch. Like a giant thunderstorm that knocks out the electricity, he and Iwill be sitting in the dark with a tiny little candle. Talking and cuddling until the world rights itself. He will take care of me when I need it and I him when he needs it. This is just a bump and it will right itself. I just have to hang on and wait it out.


  1. Yep, just hang in there. You seem to read the cards quite succinctly, and although you are dealing with some rough stuff, your readings are always smooth.

  2. I second what Manda said. Thanks for sharing.