Monday, February 16, 2009

So... I Met This Guy....

and I found him to be quite intriguing. So I decided to see what a friendship between us might look like. Don't get me wrong, I am not looking to leave my dude. I'm quite happy where I am but I can always use more friends.....

1 What does he think of me

2 Cups, 7 Swords, Moon

We did seem to hit it off, I met him when he sat down to get a reading for the charity event I did. He thinks I am like-minded and fun. I think he might find me a bit intriguing as well, given the Moon here. He thinks I am mysterious, probably because I am a tarot reader. The 7 of Swords has me a bit confused. I told him outright that I was engaged so there would be no confusion.

2 What does he feel towards me

King Pents, 8 Pents, Wheel

This may seem like a strange question for me to put in here but men often take my friendliness as something more so I wanted some insight. However, I usually steer clear of these types of questions so I am unsure how to read this image in this context. At least I see nothing romantic. Perhaps the Wheel is stating that he feels we were meant to meet as well. As for the 8 to King there, that's like apprentice to master.

3 Why were we brought together

Sun, 2 Wands, 9 Pents

It looks to me that we could bring quite a bit to each other. There was something in our meeting that was strange for me. It is very rare for me to meet someone like him. I had a very easy time conversing with him and I am usually not so quick to take to people. I love that the 9 is lounging, as he is a therapist so she looks like she's on a couch, ready to be "shrunk." I like that 2 there as well, as we could have some passionate discussions and learn from each other. That Sun makes me think that this was no accident. I think we will be great friends.

4 What are his intentions

4 Wands, Knight Pents, 3 Pents

Well, if that doesn't say therapist, what does? I think this is just the type of person he is. Very caring, genuinely wanting to help people. I think he really has his mind on friendship, which is good. I had hoped to see this here.

5 Positives of friendship

6 Swords, 6 Cups, 5 Pents

Wow, that looks like a whole bunch of moving on doesn't it? I think we will be able to help each other heal somethings. I don't want to go into the things we spoke about but this looks very, very positive!

6 Negatives of friendship

6 Wands, Emperor, 5 Wands

I see power struggles. But perhaps they will be minor.

7 Advice

Page Cups, King Wands, Ace Pents

This really looks like a go-ahead for me. To embrace this friendship, offer up my cup, and let us both reap the rewards.

I think there was a reason we met. Just something about it seemed destined. It was strange and I never feel that way about people. I think I can learn a lot from him and I am already looking forward to seeing him once we move.


  1. This is an interesting reading. From the amount of male authority figures in the spread he looks as if he wants to be a protective presence in your life - and very positive.

  2. I do think you read these cards well, sin. I hope he does turn out to be an excellent friend.

  3. OK, I'll tell you what *I* see in the 'what are his intentions?' cards lol It looks like this guy is proposing! ;) heehee! Enjoy your friendship. I'm sure it'll be great and I'm sure you're right.