Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anxiety Group Meeting...

So, I've been accepted into an anxiety support group. We're using a book so it's like a class and that gets the ubernerd in me so excited! Anyway, I'm not sure it's going to help so I decided to ask the cards.....

1. Refers to the situation, relationship, or other concerns asked about.

Ace Pents, 5 Cups, 9 Pents

Yes, I'm looking for some stability, to be more comfortable in my life, but I'm afraid I will be disappointed. I've tried lots of programs without success.

2. Negative influence or blockage.

9 Swords, Emperor, Chariot

Well, there's that 9 which is my anxiety so I may have a hard time getting to the groups, as also seen by the Chariot. The Emperor, I think, is speaking of the group. I don't like to share intimate things to people. Well, in person that is. You guys don't count. I find it worth noting that as this is a negative or a blockage, the 9 is in the light horse, not the dark one. So my anxiety may keep me from doing well.

3. Positive influence or assistance.

Page Wands, Hermit, 8 Wands

I've met with the woman leading this group and she really strikes me as this Page. She's almost annoyingly upbeat and is very intense and passionate about this group. The Hermit doesn't surprise me at all. I'm very self aware and that will help me. With the assistance of that 8, it looks like I may make more headway in the self-realization aspect.

4. What you can do to improve the situation. (The action card.)

Wheel, High Priestess, Queen Pents

That damn Wheel! I love that there's a book here though. How cool is that! Read the book, learn the secrets. Turn it all around and get to the "real" me. The me I want to be, which is that Queen.

5. Probable outcome based on current circumstances (or direction that the situation/relationship is heading towards based on current circumstances.)

5 Pents, Death, Judgment

Normally, this outcome would be terrifying, but look how positive when it's speaking of something one wants to be rid of! I hate to jinx myself but by Goddess, this looks promising!

Now I'm even more excited for tomorrow!


  1. I was hoping that you would post something about this... (I still might do that, if that's okay). I once did a reading on the group that I have thought about attending, but have been unable to attend (for various reasons), and the outcome was Judgment - I had the same reaction as you, feeling hopeful that the group would be of help.
    I hope it works out for you!

  2. Wow! What a great reading!
    The last card is just amazing! Interesting that the scythe in the death card is pointing right at that figures head. Shows exactly what is going to be changing!!!!
    What great cards!

    *feels the pang of jealousy stiring deep within*

    That transperent tarot is crawling higher and higher on my wishlist